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Dixie, Down Under

FreeStand Films have again been active Down Under as part of the story of Dixie Dean to be released in our film The Goal King.

Dixie’s grand-daughter Julie Dean, who launched a website dedicated to her legendary grandfather, lives in the city of Bendigo, Australia. She has a fund of stories about him and was keen to tell us some of them. So, following our filmed interview with Bill Dean, Dixie’s eldest son, who also lives in Australia at Mandurah, we decided that we had to get Julie in front of the cameras as well.

Caleb Maxwell of Bendigo-based Hebron Films was dispatched with a set of questions to put to Julie who provided some wonderful memories of the centre forward who terrorised opposing defences but to her was simply grand-dad.

Beautiful words and surprising stories so looking forward to sharing them with you in the finished production of The Goal King.

Pre-Sales for your own copy of this film will be available next month. Full details in our August blog.

Thank you so much Julie Dean, for those that share the same love and passion for Dixie as us you are welcome to join her Facebook page and see her archive and posts. HERE

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