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Forming FreeStand Films

Creating a production company is only the start. It's the hard work behind the scenes that brings success to any project. Our story began in 2007 when I was put in contact with Gill Beattie of Arts2u to collaborate on the stage production The Dixie Dean Story. It was a landmark moment for me. Gill and I later teamed up with Michael Wishart of Wishart Media 28, an experienced cameraman whose work is regulary seen on BBC, ITV and Sky television. This cocktail of varying talents eventually led to the formation of FreeStand Films, set up with the aim of telling inspiring stories in a unique way. The forthcoming 90th anniversary of Dixie Dean's amazing 60 League goal record was the catalyst for us to make a documentary about him, his enduring place in football history and the stark comparisons between his playing era and today's mega rich, globally acclaimed Premier League. Release date is planned to coincide with the anniversary in May 2018.

This image of Dixie leading out Everton was used as the cover picture for my biography of the great centre forward published in 2001 and titled

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