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Coming Home with the Cup... it's child's play.

Image @oldpicposter (twitter)

The triumphant Everton team bring home the FA Cup in 1933 after their 3-0 Wembley success against Manchester City.

They are on board the same coach and four on which Sandy Young and his team mates paraded the trophy in 1906.

This scene is shot in William Brown Street in Liverpool city centre and when the coach arrived in Scotland Road en route for Goodison Park the great Dixie Dean, the captain who scored one of the Wembley goals, overhead a conversation that would always make him smile.

Dixie recalled:“There was a woman holding a young baby standjng at the front of the crowd. The baby was crying and the woman said : “Stop that noise. If you don’t I won’t bring you next year !”

There was no next year. Everton next won the FA Cup 33 years later in 1966.

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